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Evove™ redefines space with an elegant, inspirational system of wall-mounted, modular sculptures. Created using sustainably sourced timber, it's a step beyond cladding or lining, turning every blank wall into an art installation opportunity, while also promoting the principles of biophilic design. Bridging the worlds of sculpture and interior design, we call it Artexture.

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Evove™ is what's possible when organic shape, impeccable craft and boundless imagination come together. To ensure this is always the case, we've partnered with some of Australia's finest creative minds to create our intriguing, flowing shapes.

Tom Skeehan Tom Skeehan
Ben Cooper Ben Cooper
Patryk Koca Patryk Koca
Jon Goulder Jon Goulder
Caroline Casey Caroline Casey
Adam Goodrum Adam Goodrum
Louise Ommundson Louise Ommundson

Evove™ is founded on the pride, integrity and craftsmanship of two generations of Australian master joiners. What started as a father and son's quest to create products that reflected their personal values, has now grown into a much bigger business - one that has gained a reputation for being a pioneer and advocate of modern timber design using certified sustainable species.

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Easy to install, durable and versatile; Our surface panels have been designed and produced with specifiers in mind.

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The feel-good response to wood The feel-good response to wood
The sustainability of Evove The sustainability of Evove
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